Main dates of his life

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1601 Birth in Ri (Normandy, diocese of Sées), on November 14th
1615 College of the Jesuits in Caen
1620 Tonsure and minor orders
1623 Entrance in the Oratory of Paris
1624 Vow of service to Jesus
1625 Ordination as diacon and father ; stay to Aubervilliers
1627 In the service of the plague victims to Argentan (Orne)
1628 Member of the Community of the Oratory in Caen
1631 In the service of the plague victims in Caen
1632 Beginning of the preachings of the missions (several missions in the diocese of Coutances)
1636 Publication of The Exercise of devotion. Missions in the diocese of Saint-Malo
1637 Publication of Life and Kingdom of Jesus in the Christian souls. Vow of martyr.
1639 Mission in Saint-Etienne of Caen
1640 Superior of the Oratory of Caen
1641 Creation of the house Notre-Dame of the Refuge in Caen. Meeting  of Marie des Vallées to Coutances
1642 publication of the Catechism of the Mission. Visit to the Cardinal of Richelieu (patent letters for the seminary and the Refuge). Missions in Rouen, Saint-Lo, Saint-Malo
1643 Departure of the Oratory and foundation of the Congregation of Jesus and Marie and the Seminary of Caen. Missions to Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte and to Valognes.
1645 Missions in Bourgogne
1647 Audience of Anne of Austria
1648 Mission to Autun. First celebration of the Heart of Mariy in Autun (in February 08th)
1650 Foundation of the seminary of Coutances
1651 Mission to Saint-Sulpice in Paris
1652 Mission in Coutances
1653 Foundation of the Seminary and the college of Lisieux. Mission to Lisieux
1654 Publication of the Contract of the man with God by saint Baptême
1656 Death of Marie des Vallées
1658 Foundation of the seminary of Rouen
1660 Mission in Paris in Quinze-Vingt and mission of Saint-Germain-des-Prés
1664  Mission in Meaux
1665 Mission in Châlons-sur-Marne, in Saint-Peter of Caen. Pope Alexandre VII approves the Constitutions of Our Lady of Charity
1666 Publication: the good confessor. Mission to Evreux
1667 Foundation of the seminary of Evreux. Mission in Rouen
1668 Publication of Manuel of prayers; the Contract of alliance with the very Holy Virgin Mary
1669 Mission in Rennes
1670 Foundation of the seminary of Rennes; missions in Brittany.
1671 Mission to the Court, in Versailles
1672 First celebration of the Heart of Jesus (in October 20th) in Caen.
1673 Mission to the Court, to the Saint-Germain-en-Laye. N-D. of Charity in Rennes. Disgrace of king
1674 Letter to a doctor of the Sorbonne…
1676 Publication of The admirable Childhood of the Mother of God
1678 Jacques de Bonnefond, “visitor” of the Congregation
1679 Return of the royal favor: Jean Eudes is received by king in Saint-Germain-en-Laye
1680 Jean-Jacques Blouet de Camilly, elected general Superior of the Congregation. End of the writing of the Admirable Heart of the very sacred Mother of God. Jean Eudes’s death in Caen on August 19th.